Do MGM Grand Rooms Have?

In Vegas, where you stay is almost as important as what you do while you’re here – after all, with over 150,000 hotel rooms to choose from, picking one is an important decision.

With the MGM Grand being one of the most famous hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, you may want to know what a room here has to offer.

Does the MGM Grand Hotel Have Room Service?

MGM Grand Hotel has room service available for all of its guests. They offer in-room delicacies, and the menu consists of various meals, snacks, and beverages.

Luckily, the MGM Grand Hotel has a few select room options that feature a jacuzzi tub.

Do MGM Grand Rooms Have Jacuzzi Tubs?

Do MGM Grand Rooms Allow Pets?

The MGM Grand Hotel is  pet-friendly, with a few restrictions: - They only allow dogs. - There is a maximum of two dogs allowed per room.

Rooms at the MGM Grand are not equipped with microwave ovens.

Do MGM Grand Rooms Have Microwaves?

There are refrigerators in MGM Grand rooms. However, they are already fully stocked and unavailable to store your own food or drinks.

Do MGM Grand Rooms Have Refrigerators?

Like microwaves and refrigerators, coffee makers are another appliance not included in MGM Grand rooms.

Do MGM Grand Rooms Have Coffee Makers?

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