What and Where is the Boulder Strip     in Las Vegas? (Map) 


The Boulder Strip is a separate gaming area in Las Vegas, Nevada that has been designated as its own casino industry segment by the state Gaming Commission.  It is named for the Boulder Highway which runs through the area.

What is the Boulder Strip?

The Boulder Strip is another part of the city that’s full of casinos and entertainment. It’s an area of interest to both visitors and locals alike. The Nevada Gaming Commission controls all of the casino operations in the state and groups these casinos by geographic areas.

Where is the Boulder Strip in Las Vegas?

Most people think of the Boulder Strip as just being the casinos along Boulder Highway but it also includes the casinos located up to several miles on either side of the highway.

Hotels and Casinos on the Boulder Strip in Las Vegas

While many of the casinos on the Boulder Strip are small local affairs, there are some larger casinos with hotels and resort amenities. 

How Far is Boulder Strip from the Las Vegas Strip?

From the casinos on the Boulder Strip, you’ll find yourself anywhere from 6.5 miles to 22 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip.