Tipping Etiquette in Las Vegas:     Ultimate Vegas Tip Guide 


Tipping for various services is customary in Las Vegas. In any situation where someone is providing you a personal service, it is good etiquette to tip. The amount you choose to tip depends on the level of service provided. Tipping in Las Vegas is a way to say “thank you” for the care you have been provided.

Why Tipping Is Important in Las Vegas

Tips are often an absolute necessity for people providing service here in Las Vegas. It can be the difference between making a livable wage or not. Tip amounts can also be used by managers to determine if their employees are performing well

Who Should You Tip, How Much, and When?

As you explore Las Vegas and all it has to offer, you will encounter a wealth of entertainment, gambling, lodging, and attractions. 

How Much to Tip For Valet Parking in Las Vegas

When you arrive, someone will come to your vehicle. You will hand your keys over to them. The valet will then give you a ticket to keep hold of.

How Much to Tip Your Tour Guide in Las Vegas

Tour guides are sometimes forgotten when tipping. You should tip your tour guide between 10% and 20% of your total bill when you pay for the tour.