The Best Hip Hop Radio Stations in Las Vegas (Top 6)

If you’re cruising down the Strip in Vegas, and wanting to tune your radio to a cool hip hop station, you’ll need to know what station to tune into.

In this story, we’re going to give you an insight into the prime hip hop radio stations to listen to while in Las Vegas.

The station has a rather large coverage area of 43.8 miles and is, thus, among one of the most widely available stations in the Las Vegas area.

KVEG (97.5 FM)

"Urban contemporary" is a radio format primarily featuring hip-hop music, alongside R and B and rap-related genres.

KCEP (88.1 FM)

Just like KCEP (88.5 FM), KXQQ operates as an urban contemporary radio station, which means that it’s focused on hip-hop and the genres closely related to it.

KXQQ (100.5 FM)

KYMT is primarily focused on other genres so it might not be the best pick for hip-hop lovers.

KYMT (93.1 FM)

If you want to listen to K280DD, scroll to 103.9 FM and you’ll enjoy the adult alternative sounds.

K280DD (103.9 FM)

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