Can You Smoke at the Wynn Las Vegas?

The Wynn hotel allows smoking in designated smoking rooms. Smoking in a non-smoking hotel room will result in a hefty cleaning fee of $350. 

In this story, I’ll discuss the smoking policy at the Wynn in further detail, including where you can and cannot smoke.

Smoking Rooms at Wynn Las Vegas (How To Book)

All you need to do to secure a smoking room for your stay is simply request it by typing it into the “special requests” section when booking your stay online.

If you smoke in a non-smoking room at Wynn, you will get hit with what they call a “deep cleaning fee".

Smoking in a Non-Smoking Room Will Cost You $350 at Wynn!

Can You Smoke in the Casino at the Wynn Hotel Las Vegas? 

The Wynn allows people to smoke in its casino in areas where minors are not permitted, which is most of the casino floor.

As per the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act, smoking is allowed at stand-alone (enclosed) bars where minors are prohibited and where they don’t offer food service.

Is Smoking Permitted in the Bars and Lounges at Wynn?

The Wynn does not allow smoking in any of dining areas, as doing so would directly violate the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act.

Can You Smoke in the Restaurants Located at Wynn Las Vegas?

Vaping is permitted in all designated smoking areas at the Wynn, as it is considered the same as smoking.

Can You Vape at the Wynn? 

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