Should You Rent a Car in Las Vegas? 3 Things to Consider


In planning a trip to Las Vegas, one of the things you’ll want to decide is whether you need to rent a car. Making this decision is easier once you have some of the parts of your vacation already planned, for example, lodging and activities. Knowing in advance your locations, activities, and other options will allow you to determine how much you will need a car to get from place to place.  Once you know if a rental car is truly required, you can more easily decide if you actually want to rent one. Below are some of the things you’ll want to consider.

Location of Your Hotel

Deciding on lodging can be the first step in planning a major Las Vegas vacation.  It is important to know where home base is going to be when deciding on activities and transportation.

Is Your Lodging Within Walking Distance or Do You Need a Car?

In Las Vegas, many of the major resorts, casinos, and attractions are located right on the famous Vegas Strip.  Walking can be a fun way to see all the sights, take in a free show, and get a real glimpse of the culture of the Strip that cannot be seen from a moving car.

Las Vegas Transportation Options

Vegas offers a wide variety of transportation options, including some that are free. Uber and Lyft are also available along with regular taxi services.   When planning a trip, you want to determine which of these options would help decrease your need for a car.