Seven Magic Mountains Meaning

If you’re interested in taking a surreal day trip into the desert just outside of Las Vegas, then there is no better place to visit than the Seven Magic Mountains. What are the Seven Magic Mountains you ask?

The Seven Magic Mountains are seven stacked towers of colorful boulders rising 30-35 feet above the Mojave Desert near Las Vegas.

What Are The Colored Rocks Outside Of Vegas? (Public Art)

The brightly colored rocks just outside of Las Vegas, off Interstate 15, are called the Seven Magic Mountains.

The significance of the Seven Magic Mountains is to allow visitors to consider the vastness of the desert while pondering the stories of humans that have lived and traveled through its natural abundant space over time.

What is The Meaning of The Seven Magic Mountains?

Are The Seven Magic Mountains Still There and Will It Close?

Due to its popularity, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) permit for the artwork has continuously been extended and, as of now, will be there through May of 2027.

The Seven Magic Mountains are found 21 miles (a 27-minute drive) from the center of the Las Vegas Strip, making it a perfect destination for a short day trip out of Vegas.

How Far Is The Seven Magic Mountains From The Las Vegas Strip?

The Seven Magic Mountains address is: S Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89054.

Seven Magic Mountains Address

The best way to get to Seven Magic Mountains from Las Vegas is to either drive your own car or get a rental car.

Best Ways to Travel to Seven Magic Mountains From Las Vegas (Car, Taxi, Uber)

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