The Oldest Las Vegas Casino Still Standing (The Strip & Downtown)


Las Vegas is a town that’s continuously reinventing itself. New casinos, shows and attractions spring up on a regular basis. Out with the old, in with the new. Because of this, many of Vegas’ older casinos are no longer here. They’ve been demolished in order to make room for newer casinos. Fortunately, there is at least one casino that has stood the test of time and in fact it is the oldest casino in Las Vegas. In this article, I’ll tell you a bit of the history surrounding some of the earliest casinos in Las Vegas as well as which ones you can still enjoy today!

The Oldest Original Casino in Downtown Las Vegas

When coming to Las Vegas, you’ll certainly want to visit the “Downtown Las Vegas Area” originally known as Glitter Gulch. It’s the spot where Vegas was born, and includes many hotels, casinos, and attractions you shouldn’t miss.

Hotel Nevada on Fremont Street

In 1905, a man named John F. Miller opened a temporary tent hotel – called the Miller Hotel – on his property located at 1 Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas; he bought the property for just $1,750. This was a temporary move, as he planned to open a more permanent hotel structure.

The Golden Gate Casino is Born

Miller used the hiatus to further upgrade the hotel and despite the closing of the casino, the hotel remained very popular. Gambling was legalized once again in 1931, when Miller reopened the casino and renamed the hotel Sal Sagev, which is just Las Vegas spelled backward if you look at it closely (clever right?!).

A Brief History of the First Casinos on The Las Vegas Strip

Now, the situation with the oldest casino on The Strip is not as cut and dried as it is with the casinos in downtown Las Vegas and there are some conflicting viewpoints, but here are the facts.