7 Casual Dress Code Clubs in Vegas

People come to Vegas for different reasons; some want the upscale experience of five-star hotels and  fine-dining restaurants, while others just want to dance and have fun without worrying about ridged dress codes.

If you’re part of the latter group, you could use a list of Vegas clubs with more casual dress codes.

KAMU Ultra Karaoke (Casual)

You’ll be in your own lounge with your group, so it’s reasonable that this venue doesn’t really require you to wear something specific.

Photo: Jon Fingas

This club has an upscale-casual dress code, which means that you should avoid wearing sweatpants and baggy clothes, as well as sandals or hats.

TAO Asian Bistro & Nightclub

Encore Beach Club at Night (EBC) – Pool Parties

The official dress code of EBC allows guests to come in casual attire, including shorts and hats. However, you shouldn’t show up wearing swim trunks or sweatpants.

It has a pretty lax policy regarding its dress code. Security will let you in even if you break some rules, but just make sure you’re decent enough.

XS Nightclub (A Top Vegas Nightclub)

Photo: Jon Fingas

Ideally, you can show up wearing a button-up shirt and form-fitting slacks if you’re a male guest or a nice dress and heels if you’re a female guest.

Drai’s Nightclub

It’s pretty easy to adhere to the dress code of Zouk since it’s casual. A casual dress code means that anything goes, as long as you don’t wear something inappropriate or offensive.


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Photo: Jon Fingas