MGM Grand Table Minimums Explained (MGM Grand Casino)

If you’re looking to do some gambling while in Vegas, the 171,500-square-foot MGM Grand Casino and Resort is a perfect choice.

Besides being one of the most popular casinos in Vegas, it’s been featured in more than 40 movies.

With some of the lower minimums in town, you can start playing for as little as $5. Of course, if you’re looking to play for higher stakes, you’ll need to bring more money.

Table Minimums at MGM Grand Casino

But if you want to have some fun and win a little money, $5 is all you need to get started. Here are some of the tables games with the lowest minimums at the MGM Grand Casino.

With a minimum bet of $5 to $10, it is accessible to casual players and high rollers alike. Featuring an easy-to-learn set of rules and high-potential payouts, blackjack is quick to draw in new players and keep them returning for more.

MGM Grand Blackjack Minimums

Despite its relatively low minimum bet of just $25, baccarat offers a level of sophistication that sets it apart from other casino games. But the most appealing thing about baccarat is its high payouts on winning hands.

MGM Grand Baccarat Minimums

You’ll find $2/$5 games at the MGM Grand with minimum buy-ins of $200. However, if you’re lucky, you might stumble upon a $5/$10 table.

Poker Room Minimums at MGM Grand

The MGM Grand offers a variety of roulette games with different minimum bets. You’ll find $25 minimums on some tables where the limit can increase to $50 to $100 during busier periods.

MGM Grand Roulette Minimums

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