MGM Grand Security Deposit Refund (What You Need to Know)

When planning a stay at a Las Vegas hotel, it’s essential to budget for all the fees you’re likely to incur. You must be aware of these because Vegas hotel charges can quickly blindside you.

One of the aspects of setting this budget is understanding the concept of security deposits at hotels like the MGM Grand.

The MGM Grand processes security deposit refunds at check out. However, your experience getting the money back into your account varies widely depending on which card you offered for authorization.

How Do I Get My MGM Grand Security Deposit Back?

Credit card holds are easier to resolve because the hotel didn’t charge the incidental guarantee on your actual funds. It charged your “ghost funds.”

Credit Cards Make for Easy Security Deposits & Refunds

This means that the fee amount is subtracted from the credit card’s limit, which we refer to as placing an incidental hold. However, you don’t lose any money.

If you put down a debit card to cover your incidental charges, the MGM Grand would have to make an actual withdrawal from the funds currently in your checking account.

Debit Cards Can Make Getting Your Deposit Returned a Pain

Processing refunds on funds taken from your checking account is a long process beyond the hotel’s control. The MGM Grand will still promptly refund at check out, but depending on your bank, you may not see the cash in your account for a long time.

Incidental charges, fees, or security deposits are the hotel’s way of keeping you in line as you use their facilities while letting you access services without swiping your card each time.

Incidental Charges at MGM Grand

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