Are Dogs Allowed in Vegas Casinos?


There are now many dog-friendly casinos in Las Vegas that will allow your pet to stay with you in your hotel room. However, dogs are generally not allowed in most other areas of the property. The only exception to this rule is in regard to service dogs. Service animals are allowed to go anywhere with you in a casino. If your dog is certified as a service or emotional support pet, they should be allowed to go with you throughout the casino. In fact, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes it illegal for you to be asked to leave an area if your pet is a properly behaving service dog. 

Service Dogs in Las Vegas Casinos

Service dogs are the biggest exception to any rules that casinos may have regarding pets. While some hotels are very pet-friendly, they do not allow the dog to enter the casino area. Dogs must stay in the designated areas (pet friendly hotels have specific outdoor areas for animals to relieve themselves).

If you do have a service pet in the casino, you legally should not be asked to leave because of the ADA, and the staff should not ask you for any documents, certificates, proof, or really any details regarding your pet. However, if your pet is not clearly marked as a service or emotional support pet, they can ask if your pet is needed because of a disability. They may also ask what work or tasks your animal has been trained to do. To avoid any questions, you simply need to keep any service pets marked with the traditional vests or harnesses.

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