Mandalay Bay Beach & Pool: 31 Things You Should Know

With 2,700 tons of pristine white beach sand and a wave pool it’s easy to drift off in your poolside deckchair and feel like you’re in a tropical paradise and not in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip.

It’s no wonder that the Mandalay Bay pool has won numerous accolades, including being voted one of the best pools in Las Vegas and in the USA.

There are 8 pools located within the Mandalay Bay Beach pool area. There’s the Mandalay Bay wave pool, the West lagoon, and the East lagoon as the main pools.

How many pools does Mandalay Bay have?

Yes, the entire Mandalay Bay Beach & Pool area is available for Mandalay Bay hotel guests to use at their leisure for each day of their stay (including the day they check out of the hotel).

Is the pool free for guests at Mandalay Bay?

The pool area at Mandalay Bay is free for guests to use.

How much does it cost to go to Mandalay Bay pool?

The beach has been made with 2,600 tons of real white beach sand that’s perfect for lazing about or sticking your feet in.

Does Mandalay Bay have a beach?

Is the Mandalay Bay pool heated?

All of the Mandalay Bay pools and the lazy river are heated, even during summer, allowing for a comfortable swimming experience.

Two tubs are located near the East lagoon, and one is located just to the north of the West lagoon. There are also some private hot tubs within the two day club areas.

Does Mandalay Bay have hot tubs

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