Living In Las Vegas:  What’s It Like? 


Living in Las Vegas is fun! While day to day life is similar to other cities, Las Vegas has a never ending supply of entertainment and things to do close at hand. The city is surrounded by beautiful natural areas and the cost of living is low. The educational system is poor and it is very hot in the summer.

Is Las Vegas A Good Place To Live?

Las Vegas is primarily a transient city  with a fixed population of around 2,200,000. Based on these numbers, it’s the 23rd to 28th largest city in the United States, depending on what population number you’re using

Pros of Living in Vegas

Non-Stop Entertainment Plenty of Elbow Room Once You Move Here, You’re A Local Job Market Vegas Weather

Close To Many Beautiful Natural Areas

Nearby you have easy access to places like Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, Zion, Bryce Canyon….and the list goes on and on. 

No State Income Tax

This is one of my personal favorites and depending on your level of income, this could a biggie! Nevada has no state income tax. Each year when you’re doing your federal income taxes, there is no need for you to also do your Nevada State income taxes because there aren’t any.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Las Vegas?

You’ll find Las Vegas right around the national average when it comes to official “cost of living indexes”. In my experience, however, I find it really inexpensive to live in Vegas.