Las Vegas Airport Food (Where to Eat at LAS)

If there’s anything you can trust about Las Vegas, it’s that it always goes grand. 

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From the moment your plane lands to the moment it takes off, you can only expect to be treated to the best- and that includes even the most minuscule details, like the food you can choose from at the airport.

You can get there by going through the security gates at airport Terminal 1 and taking a right to the moving walkways once you reach the divide.

Las Vegas International Airport Food (A-Gates, Terminal 1)

You can choose from quesadillas, burritos, nachos, and chips dipped in Moe’s world-famous queso sauce, a stop at Moe’s is a fantastic way to kick off (or complete) your visit to Las Vegas!

Moe’s Southwest Grill 

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For those who are flying with Southwest or Spirit Airlines, you’ll be posted at B-Gates. This main terminal has seven different food options but is connected to both the A-Gates (via walkway and C-Gates, via short walk).

Vegas Airport Food (B-Gate, Terminal 1)

It’s one of the largest restaurants on the grounds and serves the full menu of a standalone Shake Shack- from their 100% Angus burgers to all the custards and shakes your stomach can dream up.

A+B Rotunda (Airport Food Terminal 1)Vegas

The C-Gates concourse is super long, so it’s no surprise that it has the most dining options of any of the other gates.

Harry Reid Airport Dining (C-Gates, Terminal 1)

Be prepared, this is perhaps the most popular location in the airport, and it’s very rarely empty. If you have the app, I’d recommend ordering ahead so you can beat the lines.


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