Is the Neon Museum Worth Visiting?  Know Before You Go!


The Neon Museum, founded in 1996, is home to a large collection of historic Las Vegas signs from hotels, casinos, businesses, and attractions that no longer exist. This family-friendly destination is just a short trip from the Strip and is worth visiting for all travelers to Vegas.

Is the Neon Museum Worth Visiting?

The 200,000 people who visited in 2018 think so. Rob McCoy, Neon Museum president, and chief executive officer says that annual visitors are up 58% year-over-year.

Is the Neon Museum Better During the Day or at Night?

While it might make sense that the Neon Museum would be better at night than during the day, there are actually some good reasons to go during the day.

Is the Neon Museum Lit Up at Night?

Not all the signs are lit up at night. There are, however, many spectacular signs that are lit up at night.

Why is the Neon Museum Worth Visiting?

It’s a piece of living history It is a family-friendly attraction It’s pretty affordable  Signs are grouped by location The tour is no longer than an hour or two

What to Expect: Highlights from the Neon Museum Tour

Binion’s Upside-Down Horseshoes The Treasure Island Skull The Green Shack Sign The El Portal Original Sign