Is Las Vegas Too Hot in June? (Las Vegas Temps in June)

Want to go to Vegas in June but aren’t sure if the scorching heat will burn you alive? Here’s what you need to know.

I will explain what you can expect from the weather in June in more detail, what time is considered best for visiting Vegas, and why it is worth planning a trip to Sin City during this month.

June Weather in Las Vegas

High temperatures in June range from  75°F to 99°F (23.9°C to 37.2°C). They differ from year to year and tend to be lower at the beginning of the month. The average temperature for June in Las Vegas is 87°F (31°C).

The first month of summer is a truly exciting time when the city is more alive than ever. Here are some fun things to do in Las Vegas when the weather starts to warm up.

What To Do in Las Vegas in June

Head To A Pool Party

The heat isn’t at full strength yet, so you can have fun on a sunny summer day without getting overheated. You’ll have to be 21 or older, though, to get into a Sin City pool party.

June is a special time all around the world as it is–as you probably know–Pride month. Las Vegas fully takes part in pride month and is full of related activities during this time.

Celebrate Pride Month

If you find that the days in June are just too hot for you, my best recommendation would be to head to one of Las Vegas’s many incredible shows.

Take in A Fabulous Las Vegas Show

May and September are the best months to plan your visit. The weather is warm rather than hot, so you will be able to enjoy the city to its fullest.

Best Time To Visit Las Vegas

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