Is It Free to Visit the Hoover Dam? (What You Need to Know)


One of the more interesting things to do while visiting Las Vegas is to go see Hoover Dam. I head over to the dam several times a year because it’s close by and it’s just so cool! Also, it doesn’t hurt that it’s a free to inexpensive outing depending on what I choose to do while I’m there.

What Makes the Hoover Dam a Must-See Las Vegas Attraction?

Hoover Dam is a hydroelectric dam (powered by the Colorado River) and produces a total output of over 4 terawatt-hours a year. That is over four trillion watts per hour!

How to Visit the Hoover Dam for Free

One of the nice things about planning a trip to Hoover Dam is it is a great family-friendly activity to do while visiting Las Vegas. You can even visit it for free if you’re willing to make a couple of concessions.

What Do You See on the Dam Tour Versus Power Plant Tour

Many visitors who want to be sure that they can see the Power Plant (this is definitely the highlight of an inside tour) will opt for the Power Plant Tour, for the sole reason that they can purchase their tickets online in advance from the Hoover Dam website.

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