Is it Expensive to Live in Las Vegas?  (Average Costs To Live)


Las Vegas is an inexpensive city to live in overall. While costs on the Strip are expensive, those prices are for the tourists. Once you get away from the touristy areas, the cost of goods, services and housing are far less expensive. 

Average Cost of Living in Las Vegas

The overall value is based on the costs of housing, food, healthcare, utilities, transportation, entertainment and other miscellaneous necessities whose costs you’ll need to cover.

Cost of Housing in Las Vegas

An issue with housing in Vegas is that the prices vary a lot even within neighborhoods, meaning that you have to be ready sometimes for big price differences, even between two houses next to each other. 

Cost of Food in Vegas

These high-end restaurants are what drive up the averages in Las Vegas. By avoiding the fancy restaurants catering to tourists, you can avoid overpaying for a meal. 

Las Vegas Healthcare Costs

Healthcare is, interestingly enough, significantly cheaper than in the rest of the country and is on par with the state average. 

Average Utility Costs in Las Vegas

Utilities are just a little over the national average, and are just above the national average due to the cities abundant solar energy resources.