I Love Sugar Las Vegas (Candy Martini Bar)

Las Vegas is known for doing things bigger and better. Music shows? Check. Comedy? Check. Gambling? Check. Candy stores? Double-check.

Right in the heart of the LINQ Promenade is I Love Sugar Las Vegas, one of the largest candy stores in the world!

What Is ‘I Love Sugar’?

At its heart, I Love Sugar is a candy store, but it is unlike any other candy store that you have ever been in.

Candy, and lots of it. If you can imagine a delightful piece of candy that you want to wrap your lips around, then you are probably going to be able to find it in I Love Sugar.

What Does ‘I Love Sugar’ Offer?

Candy Martini Bar at I Love Sugar

While the first floor is filled with candy and is appropriate for both kids and adults, if you’re over 21, you’ll want to take a trip upstairs to the Candy Martini Bar. This is where the real fun begins!

The Candy Martini bar boasts a wealth of alcoholic drinks, all with a candy twist. Here you’ll find drinks filled with gummy bears, sour bears, cotton candy, or any number of candies that you may have seen downstairs.

You have martinis, you have cocktails, you have sugar shots. You can even tuck into some tequila or vodka-infused gummy bears. It is the ultimate candy experience for adults.

Candy Martini Bar Drink Menu

• Don’t Be Fooled By The Rocks That I Got • The Big Bang Theory • High Roller Margarita

The signature candy martini drink menu includes:

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