How To Upgrade Your Room at The Venetian (Tips & Tricks)

The Venetian is one of the strip’s prettier resorts. The gorgeous Italian-inspired building has a lot to offer its guests, including some stunning suites. So how should you go about getting a room upgrade?

I will discuss the steps you can take to upgrade your room at Venetian. It’s important to note that all rooms at this resort are mini-suites, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t better rooms with great views you can be upgraded to.

First, the most crucial step for getting a good room upgrade is to book through the resort itself.

Book Directly With The Venetian

Once you book a room with the hotel, you will likely receive a confirmation email. They will also often send promotional material, such as upgrade offers, directly to your inbox.

Check Your Venetian Hotel Confirmation Email After Booking

Often, the resort will do its best to upgrade you to ensure your stay is a little more special. Of course, this trick only works sometimes, but it’s worth putting your big day on the staff’s radar.

Announce Your Special Occasion if You Have One

This is because, when you check in already having purchased a nice room, it’s easier for the front desk attendants to upgrade you.

Spend More at The Venetian To Get More

Another trick for scoring a room upgrade at The Venetian is to check into the resort later or when it’s less busy.

Check-In at The Venetian Later in the Day

This method of upgrading is known as the “sandwich”  (in Vegas it’s better known as the $20 trick).

Tip the Front Desk During Check-In at Venetian

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