Area 51 From Las Vegas: Best Ways to Get There


Area 51 might be a super-secret government lab housing alien remains…or not, but the air of mystery surrounding this desolate area in the Nevada desert only makes people more curious. When people are curious, it makes them want to see it with their own eyes. The “area that doesn’t exist” is now a tourist hotspot for UFO enthusiasts, and one of the most common ways to get to this military base is via Las Vegas. What are the best ways to get to Area 51 from Las Vegas? How you get to Area 51 from Las Vegas depends on whether you have your own transportation or not and what you want to do along the way. The best ways to get to Area 51 include: driving your own car, renting a car, or taking a tour from Las Vegas.

Do People See Aliens Near Area 51?

If you listen to the rumors about Area 51, then you might want to keep a close eye out. This entire area is known for a wide range of different sightings, including:


This shouldn’t be a surprise, considering the rumors swirling about Area 51. It’s a known hotbed of flying saucers and strange lights in the sky.


Agent J and Agent K might be real, after all. Many people claim to see strange  “government officials” in the towns surrounding Area 51.


Native Americans believe that there are witches capable of shapeshifting into animals out there. Though rare, there have been reports of strange creatures that seem to be part animal and part human wandering near the ET Highway.

Black Dogs

No one really knows why, but phantom black dogs have occasionally been spotted on this highway too.