How To Choose a Hotel in Las Vegas  (The Ultimate Guide)


The way to choose a hotel in Las Vegas is to determine the hotel with the best location to meet your trip priorities, balanced with your budget, required amenities, and nearby activities. Looking at these factors together will reveal which hotel is the right choice for your trip to Las Vegas. If you’re planning a visit to fabulous Las Vegas, and aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to picking the right hotel, then this guide is for you! Keep reading to discover the most important aspects of selecting the right hotel in Nevada’s most well-known city.

Las Vegas Strip Hotels

A major part of a Las Vegas hotel’s value is how close it is to other major attractions. Most notably, the four miles of resorts, attractions, casinos and thrills known as the Las Vegas Strip. 

Off-Strip Las Vegas Hotels

Staying directly on the Strip, however, isn’t your only option. If you’d like a quieter or less expensive stay, you can opt to stay off-Strip. Sometimes staying off-Strip means just a block or two away.

Downtown Las Vegas Hotels

Finally, you could instead choose a hotel located in Downtown Las Vegas. Downtown, on or close to Fremont Street, is where Las Vegas first began. 

How To Choose The Las Vegas Hotel Location For You

If you’re a first time visitor to Las Vegas, I’d highly recommend that you stay on the Strip or at a hotel not far off the Strip. 

2 Tips To Save Money on Las Vegas Hotel Rooms

- Visit during the low-season - Visit during the week