How To Choose a Hotel in Las Vegas (The Ultimate Guide)

The way to choose a hotel in Las Vegas is to determine the hotel with the best location to meet your trip priorities, balanced with your budget, required amenities, and nearby activities.

Looking at these factors together will reveal which hotel is the right choice for your trip to Las Vegas.

Many of Las Vegas’s best and biggest hotels and resorts are located along this section of Las Vegas Boulevard.

Las Vegas Strip Hotels

Off-Strip Las Vegas Hotels

It will give you the same basic access to the resorts, shows, and attractions found on the Strip, but often at a significantly reduced rate.

Downtown Las Vegas Hotels

Downtown, on or close to Fremont Street, is where Las Vegas first began. Many people come to Las Vegas and never leave the walkable downtown area.

Now that you know the three main location areas to choose from, you should be in a much better position to decide the location that’s best suited for you and your traveling companions.

Hotels on the Strip are closer to many attractions but also tend to be very crowded and more expensive.

Keep in mind that:

Hotels off of the Strip can be a short way (or a long way) away from many attractions but generally cost less.

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