How Much to Tip Vegas Street Performers?

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Street performers in Vegas run the gamut from showgirls, singers, Chippendales guys, topless nuns, guys you can kick in the balls, dancers, and musicians.

But are you supposed to tip street performers? And if so, how much to tip?

Areas in Las Vegas Where You Will See Street Performers

The two areas to see Vegas street performers are on the Las Vegas Strip and downtown on Fremont Street.

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Street performers usually work from the afternoon/evening until the early morning hours.

The Day or Time the Street Performer Performs

How Do Buskers Get Paid?

Buskers get paid through tips. When performing on the street, performers work solely for tips.

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Buskers can make good money, depending on how much time and energy they put into their performances. Most buskers in Las Vegas earn an average of $38,000 a year.

Do Buskers Make Good Money?

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-Musicians -Showgirls -Street Dancers -Naughty Street Performers -Singers -Magicians


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Tipping street performers is not legally required, but it is considered a customary practice in Las Vegas. You can tip street performers as much as you’d like, but most people choose to tip anywhere from $1 to $5.

Do You Have to Tip Street Performers in Las Vegas?

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