How Much to Budget for Food in Las Vegas

Food is an important part of the vacation experience for many Las Vegas visitors. The great news is that the city offers a wide variety of meal options for every taste.

While a tight budget can limit your dining options, you may still enjoy great meals without spending a small fortune. Read on to find out how much you can expect to spend on food on your Las Vegas vacation.

How Much Is a Meal in Las Vegas?

You can eat a meal for about $5 at a fast food location off the Strip or downtown, and a meal at a midrange restaurant can cost $25–$30.

There are some strategies that visitors can apply to help control their meal expenses and enjoy their time in Las Vegas without breaking the bank.

How To Control Your Food Expenses in Las Vegas

Choose a Budget Hotel

Some budget hotels also have pocket-friendly onsite restaurants (or you can find them nearby).  As a result, you can eat cheaply without hunting for cheap eats at far-off locations.

By cooking your food in your hotel room, you can enjoy a high-quality meal for a tiny fraction of what it would cost to eat out at an upscale restaurant.

Select Vegas Hotels With Kitchens in the Rooms

You’ll be amazed by how much you could save by simply going to a restaurant a block or two (or even further) off the Strip for your meals.

Eat off the Strip to Maximize Your Food Budget

You can save money on sightseeing to fund your food budget for a better Vegas dining experience by going to free attractions.

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