How Much Money The Average Person Loses in Vegas

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas and worried about budgeting for how much money you may lose in the casino? It might be helpful to know how much the average person loses during a trip to Vegas.

According to a discussion on Trip Advisor, the average traveler visiting Vegas spends $150 per day on gambling, spends 3-4 days in Vegas, and spends 4-8 hours per day in a casino.

The key to a successful Vegas trip is to budget accordingly and avoid common pitfalls, like playing a game too long or playing at the wrong casinos.

To answer the question: The average visitor to Vegas loses around $500 in gambling during their trip.

1. Playing the Slot Machines Is Often a Losing Proposition These deceptively simple games have alarmingly low odds of winning.

Most People Lose Money In Vegas Due To These 3 Mistakes

2. Playing ANY Casino Game Too Long is Likely to Lose You Money

Every time you play a casino game, there is a statistical probability that you will lose.

3. Gambling At The Casinos on The Strip

Casinos on the Las Vegas strip may be glitzy and glamorous, but they are generally more expensive than casinos off the strip.

Consider the reasonable loss to be the amount you’re willing to pay for a night’s entertainment.

How to Plan for a Potential Loss in Vegas and Still Have Fun

As a comparison, you can watch the Green Bay Packers play football for around $125 per seat. Throw in some drinks, food, and parking, and you’ve got yourself a $150 sports date.

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