How Long Is the Walk From Excalibur to MGM Grand?

The Excalibur and the MGM Grand are among the most well-known hotels in Vegas. In fact, many tourists plan to visit these two iconic resorts on the same outing because they are located a relatively short walking distance apart.

The walk from Excalibur to MGM Grand takes roughly seven minutes and covers just 0.2 miles (0.32 km) of distance. They are, however, located on opposite sides of Las Vegas Boulevard (the Strip) and you will need to use a pedestrian bridge to get across the street.

Here are the directions to help you get on your way:

From the entrance of the Excalibur, walk until you come to a fork in the walkway. You will want to take the path to the left, as the path to the right gets you to the Excalibur North Tram Station.

Continue straight, and to your left, you’ll see a parking lot. Past the parking lot is Tropicana Avenue. A sky bridge goes over Tropicana Avenue. Cross this bridge.

Once you’ve crossed the bridge, you will see the replica of the Statue of Liberty on your right. Don’t go down the escalators to your right, but instead, continue straight inside the building.

You’ve now entered New York-New York Hotel and Casino. Walk toward the front entrance/exit near the New York Pizzeria.

After you exit back outside, there is a bridge that traverses Las Vegas Blvd. Cross this bridge.

Continue straight on the bridge. You should see the MGM Grand’s lion statue (fondly named Leo the Lion) on the corner down to your right.

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