High Roller Las Vegas Cost (Best Times to Ride)

The High Roller is one of the most visible features on the Las Vegas skyline.

The big Ferris Wheel looking attraction will provide you with some of the most incredible views of the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding valley you can find.

An adult High Roller ticket will cost $23.50 or $34.75, depending on whether you are riding during the day or at night.

For $60, you can upgrade to the High Roller Happy Half Hour pod, which features an open bar. Youth High Roller tickets cost $8.50 and $17.50, respectively.

What is The High Roller Observation Wheel in Las Vegas?

It is the 2nd tallest observation wheel in the world! It provides extensive 360-degree views of both the Strip and the Vegas Valley.

The High Roller in Las Vegas provides stunning views both day and night, but the best time to ride is anytime after 8 p.m.

Best Time To Ride The High Roller Las Vegas

You will have a great view of the lights on the Vegas Strip, and you’ll have an excellent chance to catch the Bellagio Fountains show when your pod is at or near the top.

While day and night each offer exceptional views, there’s no doubt that the evening hours are the most popular, as you will get to see the lights on the Strip in all their glory!

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