High Roller Ferris Wheel Las Vegas     (Cost, Tips & Discounts) 


The High Roller in Las Vegas provides stunning views both day and night. During the day you will get an opportunity to view the Strip and the mountains surrounding the entire Las Vegas valley.  At night, the highlight will be the Strip with its glittering neon lights. Anytime is a great time to ride the High Roller.

What is The High Roller in Las Vegas?

Although many people refer to it as a ferris wheel, it’s actually what’s known as an observation wheel. Rather than two or three person seats like a ferris wheel, the High Roller has what are called “pods”. 

High Roller Tips: Best Times For Riding

While day and night both offer exceptional views, there’s no doubt that the evening hours are the most popular as you will get to see the lights on the Strip in all their glory!

Cost to go On The High Roller in Las Vegas

Although these are the regular prices you can generally find a discount, but only if you plan ahead. High Roller discount tickets can usually be found on groupon.

How long does the High Roller take to go around completely?

The High Roller in Las Vegas takes 30 minutes to make one complete rotation. So you will have plenty of time to take pictures and see all the sights.