Harrah’s Las Vegas Parking Rates (Self-Park & Valet) 2023 Parking Fees

Harrah’s Las Vegas has a prime and central location on the Strip, affordable accommodations, a popular casino, and a wide variety of nearby attractions.

However, before you can start having fun at Harrah’s, you’ll need to pay to park. So, what are the paid parking rates at Harrah’s Las Vegas?

Hours Self-Parked (Mon-Thurs) 1st Hour - Free 1-3 Hours - $15 3-24 Hours - $18 Over 24 hours - $18 Each additional day or fraction thereof

Self-Parking Fees at Harrah’s Las Vegas

1st Hour - Free 1-24 Hours - $23 Over 24 Hours - $23 Each additional day or fraction thereof

Hours Self-Parked (Fri-Sun)

Monday – Wednesday – $36 Thursday – Sunday – $40

Valet Parking Fee at Harrah’s Las Vegas

Hold onto your ticket. When you enter Harrah’s self-parking or valet parking garage, you will be given a ticket that you will then need to use to pay when you’re ready to leave.

Things to Keep in Mind When Self-Parking at Harrah’s Las Vegas

 If you do lose your ticket (hey, it happens!), you can press the call button on the ticket kiosk to request parking attendants who can help with your lost ticket.

Request help if you lose your ticket

Parking fees are not fun, but the good news is that Caesars owns many hotels and casinos on the Vegas Strip, including Harrah’s.

A daily ticket is good for all Caesars properties

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