Hard Rock’s Guitar Tower Gets County OK

Photo: Hard Rock International

The Las Vegas Strip’s continuous growth and evolution as developers and operators seek new ways to captivate tourists and make their mark on the world-famous skyline.

Photo: Hard Rock International

With its innovative design and nod to the brand’s musical legacy, the Hard Rock guitar tower is poised to become an iconic and welcomed addition to the vibrant Las Vegas Strip in the coming years.

Hard Rock’s Guitar Tower: Concept and Design

Architectural Features The unique design comprises back-to-back guitars, providing a visually striking centerpiece for the resort.

The addition of the Hard Rock’s Guitar Tower is expected to introduce a new landmark that will be easily recognizable and instantly become an iconic part of the Vegas skyline.

Influence on Las Vegas Skyline

County Approval Process

Regulatory Challenges Hard Rock International still needs to obtain a waiver from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) due to the tower’s height.

Hard Rock International garnered support from Clark County Commissioners, who approved the permits and designs during a zoning commission meeting on Wednesday, March 22, 2023.

Stakeholder Support

Photo: Hard Rock International

Tourism and Entertainment The guitar tower will attract both new and returning visitors who are curious to see the final result for themselves.

Guitar Tower’s Impact on Las Vegas Strip

Photo: Hard Rock International

Investments in large-scale projects like the guitar tower contribute to the local economy by creating job opportunities, both during construction and once the facility becomes operational.

Economic Significance

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