How Many Floors Does Aria Have?

If you plan on visiting Vegas and want to stay at a nice hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll want to consider Aria Resort & Casino.

Aria Hotel is known for its modern design and eco-friendliness. There, however, is some confusion about how many floors are found in the Aria Hotel.

Aria Las Vegas has 50 floors in the main tower. However, the last floor is labeled 61 because the hotel does not include floors 13 or 40 to 49 due to superstition. Most of these floors contain hotel rooms and suites.

A Quick Tour of Aria’s 50 Floors

Aria is one of Vegas’s largest hotels, with over 4000 rooms and over 560 suites. The Aria property also includes a massive casino, several restaurants, nightclubs, a huge convention center, plus many more attractions.

The main tower at Aria Hotel has 50 floors, but you may be surprised to see that the last floor is labeled floor 61, which prompts many websites to mistakenly assume that there are 11 more floors than there are in reality.

Inside Aria Las Vegas, guests can find a variety of amenities and entertainment options, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.


Aria has three pools, namely the Palm Pool, Yucca Pool, and Sky Pool, for guests to enjoy. All three are outdoor pools, but at least one is heated in winter, so you can enjoy it year-round.


You can find a great shopping center (The Shops at Crystals) in Aria with many famous and exclusive brands. You can shop for anything from designer clothes to expensive wine and spirits.


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