Driving in Las Vegas: A Local’s Top Tips for a Smooth Ride

Operating a motor vehicle in Las Vegas can be a hectic experience with many distractions. You will need to be vigilant for other drivers and pedestrians doing the unexpected while navigating the basic rules of the road.

Whether you live in Las Vegas, are new to the area, or are just in town for a visit, there are some things you’ll need to know to make driving in Vegas easier and safer.

Like the drivers, they don’t always follow the rules, and you may find a person crossing the road in the least likely spot. This is especially a problem at night when it’s difficult to see.

Watch Out for Pedestrians

Las Vegas drivers are notorious for running red lights. Hesitate for just half a second and look carefully before heading into the intersection to see what might be coming at you.

Don’t Hit The Gas as Soon as The Light Turns Green

Pedestrians on the corner to your right have a habit of stepping out into the street whether they have the light to cross or not. There’s a lot going on when making a right turn at a red light in Vegas.

Turning Right on a Red Light

Desert Inn Road is the only road in town that goes under the Las Vegas Strip instead of across it. If you’re anywhere near Desert Inn and you need to get across to the other side of the Strip, it’s a great choice.

Use Alternate Routes and Shortcuts

You may not want to hear this, but running errands around town is much faster and easier in the morning. Happily, I’m not talking about running errands at the crack of dawn!

Run Errands Early to Avoid Traffic

When driving anywhere in Las Vegas, don’t drive behind one of the city buses, or you’ll find yourself stuck behind it when they stop in the street to pick up and drop off passengers.

Don’t Drive Behind a City Bus

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