Can You Drive a Tank in Vegas? (Crush a Car With a Tank in Vegas!)

Las Vegas is one of the craziest cities in the world, and there’s no shortage of wild things to do. But can you really drive a tank in Sin City?

You can drive a real tank in Las Vegas at Battlefield Vegas. The Car Tank Crush package allows you to drive a tank that was once used in the British army and crush a car.

Battlefield Vegas is the ultimate shooting range in Las Vegas, with over 1,000 weapons systems and various shooting and activity packages for every kind of customer.

One of the available activities gives you the opportunity to drive a tank and crush cars with it.

Driving the tank won’t be cheap–this activity costs $2,500. Here are some other things and rules you should know about.

Don’t worry, Battlefield Vegas won’t just put you in a tank and expect you to know how to drive it.

You’ll get a briefing before you drive the tank

Most of the activities at Battlefield Vegas don’t require as much notice, but with driving the tank, the staff needs enough time to select a car for you to destroy.

You need to give 24 hours’ notice

Part of the experience is the pickup from any of the Strip hotels or casinos in an HMMWV (more commonly known as a Humvee).

You’ll get picked up in a military High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle

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