The 5 Best Places To Take Your Dog Swimming in Vegas

While there are natural lakes to enjoy with your pets, there are also fun water parks and facilities designed with pet swimming in mind.

Photo: Murilo Viviani

Las Vegas is somewhat limited in the places you can go swimming with your dog in public, but I’ve pulled together the best ones and a few other tips for keeping your pup cool when it’s hot outside.

Lake Mead Recreational Area

There are designated areas where dogs are allowed to be off-leash. These are the places in which your dogs can swim.

Open to humans year-round, but at the end of summer each year, it’s the dogs’ turn! You can bring your dog to the water park so they can enjoy the pools.

Desert Breeze Aquatic Park: Dog Daze of Summer

Photo: Murilo Viviani

Black Mountain Aquatic Complex: Doggie Paddle and Play Day

Held every year at the Black Mountain Recreation Center Aquatic Complex in nearby Henderson for your dog to enjoy at the end of summer.

You can take your dog out into the lake with you, giving her the opportunity to take a quick dip in open water.

Westin Lake Las Vegas

Photo: Murilo Viviani

While this place does not offer free swimming in pools, it is a great option for dogs who want to learn to swim, need assistance in swimming for therapeutic reasons, or need to lose weight.

Canine Bodyworks and Aquatics

These are two dog parks you should check out if you want your pups to cool off while they play: -Heritage Bark Park -Barkin’ Basin Dog Park

Other Water Options For Your Pup

Photo: Murilo Viviani

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