Does the Palazzo Pool Get a Lot of Sun? (Answered)

The Palazzo pool deck, connected to the Venetian Resort, has seven swimming pools where guests can relax and unwind at any time of the day.

Some guests visit pools to bask in the sun and get their tan on, while others take a dip to cool off. Either way, you need to know how much sunlight the pools receive at specific times of the day.

How Much Sun Does the Palazzo Pool Get?

All parts of the pool deck tend to get sunny at slightly different times. So whether you’re planning to get a tan or looking for cooler spots to lounge, it pays to understand which pool is sunniest at any given time.

Typically, pools that receive a lot of shade in the early hours of the day tend to get busier as the afternoon sun begins to shine.

Where To Find the Sunniest Pools at The Palazzo

If you’re looking for a pool where you can really soak up the mid-afternoon sun, consider visiting the main pool at the Venetian. If you’re staying at the Palazzo hotel, you’re entitled to visit the swimming pools in the Venetian free of charge

You’ll be happy to learn that all seven of the Palazzo pools are heated to a comfortable temperature when the weather turns cool.

Are Palazzo Pools Heated?

The cabanas at the Palazzo are the perfect way to rest in the lap of luxury when you’re by the pool. These closed-off spaces can host up to twelve people and have air-conditioning, a stocked refrigerator, and Wifi.

Cabanas at Palazzo Pool

To enhance the lounging experience, the Palazzo and the Venetian have introduced lounge chairs partially submerged in the pool.

Palazzo Pool Lounge Chairs

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