Does Red Rock Casino Have a Shuttle From The Airport?

You’ve just landed at the Las Vegas airport and are excited to start your Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa vacation!

However, you’ll need to secure transportation to this beautiful resort first. Does Red Rock Casino have its own shuttle from the airport?

An Airport Shuttle Bus to Red Rock Casino is Not The Best Way

An airport shuttle won’t leave the airport until it has a certain amount of passengers onboard, so you may have to wait for a long time.

A taxi or Uber is your best and quickest option if you want to take the most direct route from the Vegas airport to Red Rock Casino.

Best Ways To Get To Red Rock Casino From The Vegas Airport

Taxi/Uber To Red Rock Casino (Best Choice)

The standard UberX ride can hold up to four passengers and will cost around $42 to go from the airport to Red Rock Casino.

A limousine service can take you there from the airport in style. They are sometimes cheaper than a taxi, depending on the rates and if you order one ahead of time.

Airport Limousine to Red Rock Resort (Luxury Option)

Town cars aren’t too far off from a regular taxi or uber, so it might be worth it to use a town car to feel safer and get directly to the red rock casino without extra stops.

Town Car Service To Red Rock Casino (A Good Choice)

You can get a car that day and rent it for as many days as you need while visiting Red Rock Casino and the Las Vegas area.

Rent a Car at The Las Vegas Airport

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