Does Every Room at The Cosmopolitan Have a Balcony? (Vegas)

The Cosmopolitan is one of the few hotels on the Las Vegas Strip to offer balconies.

The hotel has 2,995 rooms divided into two towers and 2,200 of those rooms have balconies with many offering exceptional views over the Strip and surrounding Las Vegas Valley mountains.

The Cosmopolitan (also known as The Cosmo) is a luxury resort, casino, and hotel that opened in 2010.

The hotel consists of two 184 meter high-rise towers located south of the Bellagio on the west side of the famous Las Vegas Strip.

The Cosmo offers guests a wide choice of rooms, with the majority of rooms featuring a private balcony.

Does Every Room at The Cosmopolitan Have a Balcony? 

Guests of the hotel also have access to the relaxing pool areas, a day club pool and nightclub pool, a fitness center and spa, as well as the 110,000 square foot casino area.

The Terrace Studio rooms offer an elevated experience when visiting Las Vegas with a 620 square foot studio.

Terrace Studio/Terrace One Bedroom

Offer a generous rounded seating area, a king-size bed, and a separate ensuite bathroom within the 910 square foot floor plan.

Terrace Suite Fountain View

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