Does Caesars Palace Have an Airport Shuttle?


Las Vegas is a  world-renowned party city–a truly notorious destination, famous for its collection of high-quality hotels and luxury resorts, such as the noteworthy Caesars Palace. 

For guests who are planning a Vegas strip vacation at Caesars, you might just be wondering— does Caesars Palace have their own airport shuttle?

Caesars Palace Airport Shuttles

Caesars Palace, like other hotels and resorts located on the Las Vegas strip, does not offer its own airport shuttle service.

Resorts on the strip are not allowed to operate their own airport shuttles because it would add greatly to the amount of traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Thankfully, however, there are many options for third-party private shuttle transportation that can accommodate your airport transportation needs.

Bell Trans provides shuttle services to Caesars Palace and other resorts and hotels on the strip, with costs starting at a rate of $15 for each rider (one-way).


Shuttles allow for up to 24 passengers per vehicle and make stops at different intervals and locations along the strip. Due to these stops, guests should plan for an average travel time from the airport to their hotel to be between 30 and 50 minutes.

You can opt to hire Bell Limousine to shuttle you from the airport to Caesars Palace in either a luxury car or a limousine. Luxury car trips from the airport begin at $60, and limousines are available starting at $120.

Luxury Transportation to Caesars Palace From The Airport

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