Do Vegas Hotel Prices Go Down Closer to the Date? (Las Vegas Travel Deals)

Let’s face it, hotel rooms in Las Vegas can be expensive. This leads many to find ways to book rooms without putting a big dent in their wallets.

Some visitors believe booking months in advance, like with airlines, will get you a good deal, but this may not always be the case.

Another strategy is to wait to book a hotel room until right before traveling. This leads to the question: Do hotel prices go down closer to the date in Las Vegas?

Like in many industries, Vegas hotels follow the rule of supply and demand. And while Vegas is a major tourist hub, it’s unlikely that hotels will always have every room occupied.

Why Vegas Hotels Get Cheaper Closer to Date

So, waiting until the last minute can sometimes get you a good deal. Next are the main reasons hotels sometimes get cheaper closer to the date.

Occasionally, hotels in Vegas end up with more vacancies than they’d like.

Demand for Rooms Is Low

Similar quality hotels in Vegas tend to unofficially price match each other to ensure one hotel isn’t more competitive than the others.

Price Rate Matching With Other Hotels

If you plan to visit Vegas during a quieter period (like December or January), there is a good chance that hotels will likely drop prices as you get closer to the date of travel.

Quiet Time of the Year

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