13 Crazy Vegas Desserts & Where to Get Them! (Best Treats in Vegas)

Indulging in a sweet treat or two is a must-have experience when visiting a city like Las Vegas.

Known for its extravagant and over-the-top experiences, Vegas is home to everything from towering milkshakes to massive ice cream sundaes. The dessert options in Vegas are nothing short of crazy.

Cappello Fedora at Sinatra Inside Encore (Yummy Desserts)

This dessert isn’t just for Frank Sinatra lovers. You can enjoy this fedora-shaped Valrhona dark chocolate mousse at the end of a delicious Italian meal at Sinatra.

Any donut you get at the Donut Bar in Las Vegas could be considered outlandish, and they’re always coming up with new flavors and innovative ways to make donuts.

Oh My Birthday Cake Oreo Donut at Donut Bar

The Cheesecake Challenge at Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen

For some dessert lovers, it’s not enough to simply enjoy a sweet treat, you have to get a sense of accomplishment out of it. Enter the Cheesecake Challenge at Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen, which is a must-stop spot for food lovers in Vegas.

Dining at Tao Asian Bistro at The Venetian is an incredible experience already, as the cuisines of China, Japan, and Thailand are combined and presented in unique and delicious ways.

Giant Fortune Cookie at Tao Asian Bistro in The Venetian

All banana lovers will be in heaven with this delicious, creamy pie with decadent chocolate flakes and whipped cream on top.

Banana Cream Pie From Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House

For the most extravagant and over-the-top milkshake of your life, head to Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer at The Venetian and order one of their Crazy Shakes.

Any of the Crazy Shakes at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer at The Venetian

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