Can You Walk From Luxor to Mandalay Bay Inside?

The Luxor Hotel is a beautiful sight to behold. Still, while it’s fun to be at Luxor, you might want to spice things up by visiting its nearby sister hotel, Mandalay Bay. But can you walk from Luxor Hotel to Mandalay Bay inside?

You can walk from Luxor to Mandalay Bay inside by using the mall walkways that connects the two hotels. The distance between them is about .3 miles, making it approximately a 7-minute walk.

How To Get From Luxor to Mandalay Bay Inside

Locate and follow the sign that leads to the Shoppes at Mandalay Bay Place. Once in the small mall area, continue walking south, and you will enter Mandalay Bay Las Vegas.

In addition, there are two other ways to get to Mandalay Bay from the Luxor hotel.

Other Ways To Get From Luxor to Mandalay Bay

Sidewalk to Mandalay Bay from Luxor

The sidewalk on the Strip will lead you directly to Mandalay Bay. Just exit out the front of the Luxor Hotel and turn right at the walkway along Las Vegas Boulevard.

If you’re also looking to avoid the Vegas heat – but would rather not use the mall walkway – then the tram is a great way to move between the two hotels.

Luxor to Manadalay Bay Via Tram

Luxor Tram Station: The Luxor Tram Station is very easy to locate. It’s right in front of the Sphinx outside the hotel. Find the Sphinx, and you can find the tram station.

How Do I Locate the Tram Stations on Mandalay Bay and Luxor Hotel?

Mandalay Bay Tram Station: To locate this tram station, you’ll need to get to the casino first. Move towards the northeast end of the casino; you’ll find escalators going up.

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