Can You Walk Dogs on the Las Vegas Strip? Yes…and No!


The Las Vegas Strip is a tons of fun travel destination for everyone in the family but what about your four-legged family members? Is Las Vegas considered a dog-friendly place? Are dogs allowed on the Strip? Just what can you do in Las Vegas with your dog?

Can You Walk Dogs on the Las Vegas Strip?

Dogs are allowed to walk on the Las Vegas Strip from the hours of 5 am to Noon. If you plan on walking your dog during this time make sure they are on a leash or a restraint of 3 feet or less.

Is the Las Vegas Strip Dog-Friendly?

You are, however, allowed to walk your dog on the Strip between the hours of 5am and Noon. So the good news is you and your pup can take a morning walk on Las Vegas Boulevard as long as he or she is on a leash that is 3 feet or shorter.

Best Dog-Friendly Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip

There are a few pet-friendly hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. If you plan on bringing your pet with you, make sure you speak with the hotel and understand their pet policy.  Most hotels will have an additional pet fee that can range anywhere from $50-$150 extra dollars a night.  Your hotel might also restrict the weight and number of dogs allowed.