Can Las Vegas Be Seen From Space? (Lights, Strip, & Luxor)

Las Vegas can be seen from space as confirmed by NASA and images taken aboard the International Space Station.

In fact, Las Vegas is known as the brightest spot on earth. This is due to the high concentration of lights from casinos, hotels, and other attractions along the Las Vegas Strip.

It’s actually not that uncommon for major world landmarks to be visible from space.

Why You Can See Las Vegas Lights From Space

The Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Amazon River are just a few natural landmarks that can be distinguished from outer space using telescopic lenses and high-resolution cameras.

Dozens of other cities are visible at night, but Vegas is considered to be the brightest of them all.

While all these lights make for an extraordinary display of mesmerizing light pollution down on the ground, all that bright light makes it easy to find Las Vegas from up in space.

The satellite produced images with a resolution of 30 meters per pixel. This resolution is clear enough to see large Las Vegas landmarks, like the mountains surrounding the city.

Easier to View Vegas From Space Due to High-Resolution Photography

Space is considered to be 62 miles above sea level (known as the Kármán line) according to international scientists and organizations.

Lights of Las Vegas From Space: How High Exactly?

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