Can Dogs Get Fleas in Las Vegas? Flea Problems and Your Dog

Fleas are unwelcome wherever they go. Especially if they find their way onto your dog. If you live in Las Vegas or are considering visiting here, you may think fleas are less prevalent.

With the desert landscaping and common usage of artificial turf, maybe fleas can’t thrive. Or can they?

Some Dirty Facts About Fleas

- A flea is capable of laying up to 20 or more eggs at a time. - It takes only four days for eggs to hatch into larvae. - Larvae stay out of light, and they hide under fibers, cracks, and crevasses.

Fortunately, the subtropical desert climate in Las Vegas is less than ideal for fleas to thrive.

Do Fleas Survive in Las Vegas?

Where Do Dogs Get Fleas in Vegas, Nevada?

-Taking a walk around the block -Kennels & Boarding -At the groomer -Veterinarian office -Walking or hiking trails -Dog parks

Fleas in the Cold Fleas withstand the occasional freezing temperatures in Las Vegas by hiding in the warm dens of burrowing animals.

How Are Fleas Affected by Weather in Las Vegas?

During spring, when flowers start blooming, fleas also “bloom.” The time is ripe for infestation,  with their eggs hatching faster in the warmer weather.

Fleas Love the Rain

Unfortunately, they hide under the very same places where dogs find their warmth or dampness during extreme weather conditions, and they easily hop on to your pets.

Fleas during Hot Weather

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