Wynn vs. Encore 

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas and you enjoy the finer things in life, you’ll definitely want to consider a stay at either Wynn Las Vegas or Encore at Wynn Las Vegas.

With each of these properties receiving such high praise, you may be asking yourself, is the Wynn or Encore a better Las Vegas vacation choice?

Location on the Strip: Wynn and Encore

The Wynn and Encore are located about 1.5 miles north of the center of the Las Vegas Strip.

You can usually get a suite at Encore for a few dollars less than a standard room at the Wynn. This makes Encore the winner in my book when it comes to accommodations.

Wynn Tower vs. Encore Tower: Standard Rooms Compared

Casinos at Wynn and Encore

Each casino has the latest in slot machines (over 1,800 slots combined between the two), including high-roller machines up to $1,000 per spin!

The Wynn is the larger resort of the two, you’ll find the majority of restaurants are on the Wynn side of the property.

Dining Options: Wynn or Encore

If you came to Las Vegas to party, then Encore will be the clear winner! Encore is home to both the XS Las Vegas Nightclub and the Encore Beach Club (EBC).

Entertainment & Attractions: Wynn and Encore Compared

If pools and parties are important to your Las Vegas vacation, then you’ll have more options if you choose to stay at Encore.

Pools: Wynn Compared to Encore

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