Best Places for Stargazing    Near Las Vegas


Las Vegas is known for its lights, action, and excitement.  Images of the infamous Strip with the miles of flashing neon lights are iconic. However, what few people realize is that just beyond the dazzling lights, a few miles into the high desert is a vast dark wilderness that makes for a perfect stargazing adventure.

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Can You Really See Stars in Las Vegas?

Because Las Vegas has so many lights, it’s nearly impossible to see the stars from the Strip. 

Las Vegas, however, is unique because there are no light-polluting cities around it in any direction for many, many miles.

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Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area offers much more than just stargazing.  Arrive a few hours early and drive the scenic route around the canyon for some amazing views and photographic opportunities.

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Exploration Peak Park

For an afternoon and evening of fun, take a trip to Exploration Peak Park.  This 80-acre park and 2845-foot-tall mountain are a perfect family outing just 10 miles from Las Vegas.

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Sunrise Mountain

If you visit Las Vegas frequently enough to be familiar with the area, you will know that the sunrises each day over a mountain to the east.  Locals affectionately call this “Sunrise Mountain.”

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