16 Best Day Trips from Las Vegas

While Las Vegas is where the party’s at, you may find yourself wanting to get away from the glitz and crowds of Vegas for a day, or even just part of a day.

These locations can all be experienced from Las Vegas in a single day. Some of the road trips will take just a couple of hours, while others will be longer, full-day excursions.

Area 51

Well-known as the site of a  top-secret United States Air Force base that is found at the center of many UFO and alien-related conspiracy theories.

There’s so much to see here, from the hills and peaks of Zabriskie Point, to the  below-sea-level salt flats of Badwater Basin.

Death Valley National Park

Grand Canyon West (Not Grand Canyon National Park)

It’s a horseshoe-shaped bridge that juts out over the edge of the Grand Canyon and has a clear glass bottom walkway so you can look straight down to the canyon floor.

While you’re here, you’ll want to walk across the dam, check out the visitor center, and possibly take the official Hoover Dam tour to see the dam’s inner workings.

Hoover Dam

This is a popular spot for riding ATV’s and driving off-road vehicles, and it’s recommended to have a 4×4 in order to get out to the lake bed.

Jean/Roach Dry Lake Beds

The area consists of a 5 mile scenic drive through some narrow box canyons surrounded by 2,000 foot tall cliffs made of red Navajo sandstone.

Kolob Canyons  (Zion National Park)

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