Best Escape Rooms in Las Vegas:    The Top 6 Escape Games 


Escape rooms, also known as puzzle rooms or real-live escape games, are one of the fastest-growing entertainment trends in the United States.  Since Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, it’s no surprise that you can find many top-notch escape rooms in Sin City.

Cuban Crisis from Escapology

You and your team are CIA operatives getting your orders directly from President John F. Kennedy. The Soviet Union has set up nuclear missiles on the island of Cuba that once launched can reach the U.S. mainland in under 4 minutes.

SAW Escape Las Vegas

You and your friends find yourselves trapped in the Egan & Company Meat Packing Plant by Jigsaw and his followers. It’s dark, it’s scary and the only thing you have to do is combat your fears and escape alive.

Ultimate Heist from Rush to Escape

You and your team have been hired by Dr. Olivia Snow to steal a man-made nano-virus. You learn that the virus is in a secure vault in Mason Industries. The company is run by the Free Masons who have sinister plans for the nano-virus. 

The Cabin from Number One Escape Room

You find yourself and your friends stumbling upon a small cabin in the woods. Your friends decide to go inside, and once night falls, you realize that it’s not just you and your friends in the house.